The Central New Yorker 
Iron Remediation & Sulfur Remediation System

We at Crystal Clear Services are proud to introduce to you what we have built as the most advanced and state of the art complete solution water filtration system. 

Utilizing the very best media's available and the most advanced technologies to bring you the healthiest water and the safest water for you and your plumbing systems.

Most systems and companies are designed around the principle of solving one main concern and we have often utilized that same approach knowing that there should be a more complete solution because your water table does not always remain the same.
Whether you are on well or municipal water in Central & Upstate New York there are some conditions that are often present such as Iron, Manganese, and even Sulfur!

Iron/Manganese/Sulfur/Bacteria/Hardness/& Hundreds of Other Contaminates With ONE System.
1. Best Sand Rock Bed
2. KDF 85 Iron & Multi Contaminate Reduction Media
3. Katelox Light High Performance Iron/Manganese Reduction Media
4. Granular Activated Carbon Professional Grade Multi Contaminate Media
5. Air Injector Valve Iron/Sulfur Multi Contaminate Removal System
6. U.V. Disinfectant Bacterial Disinfection Without Chemicals
7. Electronic Hardness Remediation Eliminating The Effects of Hard Water
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